Zweedse Kerstmarkt returns on December 12th and 13th in Groningen

Whether you’ve started the search for an original Christmas present, enjoy socializing or are secretly in love with Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries: De Zweedse Kerstmarkt (the Christmas market Swedish-style) is an event you must visit while staying in the Dutch city of Groningen.

Maybe you’re interested in the fascinating Sugar Factory, passionate on live music and Christmas choirs or just into shopping and fun. There are many reasons way the Zweedse Kerstmarkt is special and successfull (click here to get an impression). Therefore, the Zweedse Kerstmarkt formula returns. Visit the event in the second week of December (December 7th and 8th) and enjoy that very special Christmas feeling at an unique location: the Sugar Factory on the edge of the Groningen city center.

Feast of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucy’s Day. This is maybe the most beloved day for the Swedish. Wherever you are in Sweden, from the capital of Stockholm to the tiniest villages and even the Scandinavian neighbours, everywhere this 400 year old tradition is celebrated with church choirs and parades of light. Saint Lucy, also called the “Queen of Light”, is the middle point of this celebration. The Feast of Saint Lucia is be celebrated on December 13th. This is also the start on the following Christmas period. The Feast of Saint Lucia is the inspiration for the Zweedse Kerstmarkt and is organised in the antecedent weekend. Just like Saint Lucy’s Day, the Zweedse Kerstmarkt is a “mid winter party” for the whole family.

Save the date and buy your ticket online

Save the save or just make an appointment in your Smartphone calendar. The Zweedse Kerstmarkt is in 2020 organised on Saturday, December 12th, and Sunday, December 13th. On both days the Chrismas Market is opened from 10.00 to 17.00.

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